Happy Life – chapter 52

True forgiveness always includes erasing the offense from one’s memory.

If you forgive but keep referring to the incident, you are actually keeping it alive.

Work on the personal weakness that keeps you fixated on the painful event and be grateful for the opportunity to forgive.

How would we evolve without moral trails?

Today’s forgiveness will be your sponsor tomorrow when you yourself need mercy and forgiveness from someone else.

Forgiveness is always best for the forgiver.

Do so always and you will live.


The Systematic Study of the Spirits’ Book- Chapter 6- Spirit Life


Jesus in the Home – Storytelling

This is the second week we will be having the storytelling sessions as a method of communication with people to propagate the Gospel and Teachings of Lord Jesus in the light of the Spiritism.
The textbook to be followed is “Jesus in the home” psychographed by Francisco Candido Xavier and these will be the following lectures:

Feb 14th chapter 33 – The Divine Plea: Vivian Powderly

Feb 21st chapter 43- The Glory of Dedication: Alisson Santos

Feb 28th chapter 47 – The Disturbed Educator: Juno Zago

Mar 7th chapter 50 – In Prayer:  Livia Uehara

Mar 14th chapter 5 – The inconstant worker: Cassia Saboia

Mar 21st chapter 7 – The Greatest Servant: Melanie Ventura