Selma D. from Brazil

My name is Selma D. and that is my history:

I got to know Spiritism, around, early 1980’s. In that time I was very busy working so hard to raised my 4 children and, for that,  I didn’t have much time for religion; even though I had being in my childhood very closed to the catholic church and never missed a Sunday mass. But when my questions, about so many things in regard the creation, the gospel or even our purpose in life, when those question started to popping up in my head and found no answers that could satisfy me, little by little I abandoned Catholicism, for good.

In that early years my son R. through one of his closest friends started to attend a Spiritist Center, soon becoming one of workers, dedicating himself to study and learning all about the Doctrine of Spirits.

That was how Spiritism came into my life, through my son; but back then I did not let Spiritism come into myself; I mean, I did not study or read any books or really understood much about it. The only thing that I came in contact with was some leaflets that was given to all of us whom use to go to the Center, and it was beautiful posts of encouragements, dictated by superior Spirits through Chico Xavier, the greatest median spirit that ever lived in Brazil.

We also started to do the gospel at our home, once a week, always guided by my son and this devotion has being part of my life ever since, and  I continued to do it even when I moved to USA, and will do until…

When I got here in 1989, in the USA, unfortunately, I did not found any Spiritist Center to attend but I continued to do the gospel; until the beginning of  the year 2016 when I finally founded the Divine Light Spiritist Center.

So, I started to attend and studying and read all kinds of spiritistic books, specially those about the spiritist codifications by Allan Kardec; and finally all my questions from before was answers.

Today I can say Spiritism is part of my life and myself. I am a better person thanks to the teaching of the Doctrine of the Spirits which is the revival gospel of our master Jesus. I know a little be more today then I knew before. I got to understanded better of the sufferings of humankind.

Spiritism give us the knowledge that we need to make ourselves better every day, for us to understand that everyone is unique and we have to respect one another, for we have good and bad in all of us, imperfections and limitations that need to be corrected, eventually; also we learn that we are immortal and whatever we do not accomplish in this existence we will have another chance to do better, because our God is full of compassion for all of us.

So, the Doctrine of Spirits is the third revelation, is the promised comforter that Jesus said would send to be with us and to teach us what we still need to learn and practice in our dally basics.