Welcome to those in search of answers

Many people come to this website because they are searching for something.

Maybe they are looking for answers to the most basic questions that we all have at one point or another in our life.  Who are we? Why am I here? Fortunately for those people Spiritism will provide all of the answers.  They won’t need to make huge jumps of faith but instead take the information provided and submit it to their own conscience to discern if it’s right or not.

Maybe they have problems in their lives that they cannot understand with the information that they’ve been given up until now. But by absorbing the information provided by Spiritism, they will be able to better understand why these problems exist, why it is happening to them and what they should do.

Others come to this site because they have an interest in the science. Since Spiritism embraces the results of all scientific study it allows us to move forward, to evolve, to continue learning more about ourselves, the universe and our connection to the creator. Up until the microscope was invented, we had no understanding of things smaller than what we could see with our unassisted eyes. But the microscope opened up a new world of the infinitesimally small. We would never have known about cells, bacteria, virus, and DNA. And we know that in time we’ll be able to see much smaller things. Because that’s what humans do – we search for the answers. It will be the same for other areas of science like life on other planets and what happens to us, the mind or soul, when our body can no longer exist.

Spiritism is a philosophy that shows us that we must always continue to work on improving ourselves morally and intellectually. These two do not advance at the same rate. Our intelligence always precedes our moral understanding. As an example, I offer the topic of nuclear energy. We first learned about atoms and how they react with one another and we learn that when we collide certain materials together, they produce an outstanding amount of energy but with our lagging morals we further conceive of using it as a weapon. This race between our intellect and our morals will continue until we’ve learned all there is and only then will our morals be equally evolved so that we can utilize what we have learned without negative consequences.

Spiritism is a philosophy based upon the principals of Action and Reaction, of Cause and Effect, of Karma. The principals are with us at every moment. You can understand it in the common sayings that we hear like; You are what you eat (eat good things and your body will function well for many years, eat poorly and your body responds by having diseases and illness) to be continued