Who is Jesus for Spiritism?

In the Spirits’ Book Allan Kardec asked the highly evolved Spirits, who is the most perfect being that God has offered to man to serve as a guide and model? And they answered with one word – Jesus. A model is a reference to be copied and a guide is someone who points out a direction. Therefore for Spiritism Jesus is the most important individual in history and in our lives. His existence transcends our understanding but what Spiritism knows about Jesus is that he is the one who sent many of the religious teachers throughout time to teach the law of love and truth. One can easily perceive that the scope of the majority of Religions is the practice of love as the ideal behavior which Jesus incorporated perfectly. This is why Spiritists don’t claim that Spiritism has the sole truth because we understand that the truth is relative and that as long as a Religion teaches a person to better themselves that is a good religion. Nonetheless Spiritism through profound reasoning and logic brings the essence of Jesus Christ teachings which it is an unequal source of knowledge for self-transformation.

When Jesus spoke the majority of times he used allegories because he knew we were not ready to understand the full scope of the truth. Therefore he promised us another consoler in John C14 V3 which would help us to eradicate our problems and would reveal information that we were not ready for 2000 yrs ago. Also the promised consoler would restore his message to its original meaning. With the appearance of Spiritism in 1857 Jesus promises was fulfilled because not only Spiritism teaches the most effective way to eradicate our suffering and to promote our spiritual growth it also provides the most advanced knowledge about the spiritual world.

Finally in the Gospel According to Spiritism book the reader will learn Jesus’ moral teachings as it was given by him to be applied for today’s modern world. For Spiritists to incorporate Jesus moral teachings in our everyday lives is the ultimate goal.