Q. What’s the point of rebirth if you will make the same mistakes you did with the previous life?

Q. If I am one in a spiritual ‘family’ and I will be reincarnated to resolve past issues with others in my spiritual family, isn’t it unlikely that I would be reborn into a family on the other side of the earth where it would again be unlikely that I would have any contact with the others in my spirit family?

Q. What is the amount of time that I will need to wait before being reincarnated? How might this be determined?

Q. If the world’s population is constantly growing, where do the souls come from to inhabit the new bodies?

Q. Is a spirit forced to reincarnate or can he decide to not to?

Q. Is Regression Therapy related directly to reincarnations?

Q Is it possible for a person to die one day and on the next day inhabit a newborn baby or does the spirit need to que up for the next conception?

Q. If we have lived before, how is it that we do not remember our former lives?

Q. Why is a person reincarnated into a certain body? Is there any principle to decide?

Is the time between death and reincarnation shorter after the death of a child than for an adult?

There are certain traits that are considered male and female. It is said that a man forms his opinions from logic while a woman forms her opinions from intuition. A man reasons from evidence while a woman decides upon what she feels. If a spirit is neither male nor female, are these traits part of the body and not of the soul?