You’re a Spiritist but don’t know it

The reason I put this statement onto the site is that many people upon first coming across Spiritism think that Spiritism might be something strange. Maybe the name conjures up certain pre-conceived ideas but a spirit is the same as a soul. Maybe Soulism sounds less intimidating than Spiritism but that’s what it is.

But after looking into Spiritism you’ll probably agree that you are either a little or a lot of a Spiritist. That’s because Spiritism is the basis of all religions.
Check this saying out – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. You probably heard this before and it sounds reasonable, right?
See, you’re on your way.

When we say Spiritism is a Philosophy of Life, what do we mean? Well, philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. That sounds good too right?

Take me as an example. I was a Roman Catholic. I was a choir member, an altar boy, and with my wife we gave pre-marriage counseling to husband and wife wannabees as required by our church. The couples we spoke with were just going through the process. Most were already living together and oddly most were older than us. The discussions about bringing Christ into their marriage had little if any effect. Disillusioned, we stopped doing counseling. In sermons there was often the implied if not outright spoken, message that we were to follow in Jesus’ ways and become like him. That was the goal – I guess. And then I’m thinking, how am I supposed to be Christlike when I’ve already done so many un-christlike things in my life. Does anyone reach this goal in one life? Nobody I know is anywhere near it and we give the excuse because we’re human. Hmm. So what would stop me from achieving that goal? Of course – having only one life. If my soul, that I was always told I have, had more than one human lifetime I would be able to get closer to the goal. But realizing how far I need to go, and I consider myself to be a good person, I knew that I would need a lot of lives, a whole lot. So I rationalized that if we are all God’s children and all equal in his eye, that he would want us all to achieve that Christlike goal. Being all powerful and perfect, He would give all of us the means to succeed. Like a drivers’ road test, if you didn’t pass the first time you would be required to take it again and again until you passed. Seems to make sense to me.

to be continued