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“Moments of Reflection”

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 The Three Filters  (1:43 mins) Truth, Goodness and Usefulness

 The 2 windows   (2:49 min) Windows of Opportunity

To remember and to forget  (2:12 min)  Positive and Negative Memories

You and the others   (1:43 Mins)  What makes you a better person?

Be thankful!   (3:51 mins)  Appreciate what you have

Why do we have problems?   (1:24 Mins)  Problems are opportunities

Christmas, New Year, new you   (4:13 mins)  Needed sacrifices

New Year, new goals   (6:21 mins)   Aim high – Don’t settle for less

What goes around comes around   (4:23 mins)  Karma is always in play

Problems at work, problems at home   (2:33 mins) Good advice

Your future is shaped by your present  (2:35 mins)  Your echo of life

Do not be envious  (2:58 mins) Your life is in your hands

What do you see? (2:30 mins) Reality or reflection of your past

Do not judge a book by it’s cover  (2:48 mins)  Be Humble

Shake it off, step on it and move ahead (2:19) Overcome your problems

There is always a way out  (2:58 mins) Learn from you mistakes and move forward

The most beautiful flower   (4:10 mins)  Be honest and truthful

A bird’s determination  (3:49 mins) God helps those who help themselves

Stains in your soul  (1:50 mins)  Hatred hurts yourself

Other Videos

Capital Punishment According to the Spiritist Philosophy (6:20 mins)

Death According to the Spiritist Philosophy (15:18 mins)

Politics According to the Spiritist Philosophy (6:34 mins)

Ready to start? (4:01 mins)

Suicide  (6:33 mins)

Why new YEAR resolutions FAIL? (6:25 mins)

2012, the end of the World ( mins)

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