What is Spiritism?

Hi there, You’re watching a short series of basic questions about spiritism.

What is spiritism?

Spiritism is at the same time a science, a philosophy and a religion.

Spiritism is a science because it studies the origin, the nature and the destiny of the spirits s as well as its relationship with the corporeal world

Just as the telescope discovered the world of the infinitely large and the microscope discovered the world of the infinitely small

The mediums were the means by which the spiritual world was discovered.

Although the fundamental principles of spiritism has been taught throughout the ages it was formally born in April 18, 1857 with the publication of the Spirits’ Book resulting from meticulous studies of Allan Kardec on the spiritual phenomena that was occurring throughout Europe and the U.S. in the 1850s.

Allan Kardec used the scientific method to investigate the communication received from more than a 1000 mediums

The conclusions of his observations, as well as the answers he received from the spirits on fundamental questions of life, were compiled together in the Spirits Book

Because Allan Kardec used the scientific method to prove the existence of life after death which is a fundamental principal of any religion spiritism was able to marry science and religion.

Spiritism is also a philosophy because it answers the main questions we all have in life;

who are we?, where did we come from?, and most importantly where are we going?

It gives a profound logical answer  to what is the meaning and aim of our lives by helping individuals understand their position and objective in the ladder of evolution

Spiritism provides the means to not only to cope with great suffering but as well as it gives an insightful explanation of our purpose on earth.

Finally is spiritism a religion?

Spiritism is also a religion but not a religion in the general understanding of what religion stands for,

Religion is usually associated with rituals of all sorts such as worshiping with singing, prayers in a specific physical position, lighting of candles and incense, hierarchy of comments based on a central figure, devotion spiritual entities representing statues, money collection and so on.

In that sense spiritism is not a religion. Because it doesn’t have any rituals, none of the last.

Spiritism is a religion according to the original definition of the word Religion which is to connect the creature with the creator.

Spiritism is a religion because it has the foundation of all religions, the existence of god, the mortality of the soul, the consequences of our actions.

Spiritism is a religion because it brings back the moral teachings of Jesus Christ free from allegory and dubious interpretations

Finally spiritism is a religion mainly because it leads individuals to better themselves thus connecting them with the creator which is the pursuit of all religions.